The Process

Whether the tree comes from one that has fallen, one picked out of the woods, or one cut from your land, the process always starts with that tree grown in nature. 

From cutting the tree down, cutting the logs into sizable pieces, we then run these logs through the sawmill into rough slab sizes. Then into the solar kiln.

Yes we use solar energy.

The idea came to me one summer day as the hot SC sun was beating down on my face, why not harness this hot heat to dry wood? So I built a solar kiln. 

The polycarbonate roof has a higher UV than your typical greenhouse, so it reaches higher temperatures. In the peak of the winter still reaching 140 degrees fahrenheit on a sunny day. In the summer the temperature can reach a good 170 degrees.

This is one part of the job that I never rush. One never wants to have a sappy knot that never stops oozing. 

Though it takes time to get the board with very little moisture, patience pays off.


So if you were building a house and had a few aged trees that you were thinking about integrating into your house I would encourage you to plan ahead.

You cannot rush process.

If you are just trying  to have a few nice custom accents in your home, we are interested in your ideas whether it is a wainscoting package or a weathered great room ceiling or mosaic wall accent or just going straight into the hearth of the home and having a nice custom hand handled native mantel. 

We carry quite a few different varieties. If you give us an idea of size or specimen type we will definitely do out best to locate it or come up with the next closest native solution locally available. 

Stay with the local basics please. Our area has a lot to offer. Do not settle for a hollow mass production or fake assembly line look alike. 

We look forward to working with you.